Ms. Maggie Bell

Phone: 512-943-5040, ext. 6489


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre and Stage ManagementUniversity of North TexasMaster of Arts, Theatre Studies and DramaturgyCentral Washington UniversityCertifications: Theatre Arts, EC-12ESL, 2-12

Ms. Maggie Bell


I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow from serving your children at Tippit Middle School as the Theatre Director!

We made another successful year, 2016-2017!  Enjoy your summer... you earned it!


To visit lesson plans for the week, please see my "Lesson Plans" page on the left.


1st period:  Theatre 1, 7th/8th   8:25- 9:14

2nd period: Theatre 3                9:20 - 10:14

3rd period:  Advisory                 10:20-10:50

4th period:  Theatre 2               10:56-11:45

5th period:  Lunch                    11:45-12:20pm

6th period:  Conference            12:20 - 1:10

7th period:  Theatre 1, 7th/8th   1:14-2:09

8th period:  Theatre 2                2:15 - 3:03

9th period:  Theatre 1, 6th         3:09-3:55





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