Ms. Maggie Bell

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre and Stage ManagementUniversity of North TexasMaster of Arts, Theatre Studies and DramaturgyCentral Washington UniversityCertifications: Theatre Arts, EC-12ESL, 2-12

Ms. Maggie Bell

***Updates for this week - check it out!***

Thursday, January 19 - 6th grade musical scenes!

Parents please feel free to come join us for the 6th grade Broadway (lip sync) musical theatre scenes! We are so proud of the students' work!

9th period - Tippit Cafeteria

UPDATE on tentative audition date for Theatre 3 and JV Theatre at Eastview: February 13 or 14. Stay tuned for exact date details....

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1st period:  Theatre 1, 7th/8th   8:25- 9:14

2nd period: Theatre 3                9:20 - 10:14

3rd period:  Advisory                 10:20-10:50

4th period:  Theatre 2               10:56-11:45

5th period:  Lunch                    11:45-12:20pm

6th period:  Conference            12:20 - 1:10

7th period:  Theatre 1, 7th/8th   1:14-2:09

8th period:  Theatre 2                2:15 - 3:03

9th period:  Theatre 1, 6th         3:09-3:55





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