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Transportation Department

The GISD Transportation Department is responsible for setting bus routes and schedules, and offering transportation to and from school and to extra curricular activities for all  eligible GISD students.
For information about bus service, schedules, and routes, please contact GISD Transportation at 943-5126.


Transportation Department Staff Directory

Title First Name Last Name Phone Email
Transportation Director Kirby Campbell 943-5000, Ext. 7282
Transportation Assistant Director Holly Mahagan 943-5000, Ext. 7604
Transportation Dept Secretary Kim Martinez 943-5000, Ext. 7602
Transportation Payroll Clerk Martha Ybarra 943-5000, Ext. 7276
Route Coordinator Virginia Wade 943-5000, Ext. 7606
Special Needs Coordinator Eva Cerda 943-5000, Ext. 7284
Bus Conduct Specialist Trina Walter 943-5000, Ext. 7277
Routes and Field Trip Dispatcher Yvette Mellado 943-5000, Ext. 7605
Field Trip Assistant Leslie Mauch 943-5000, Ext.7621
Pre-K Coordinator Charlene Billingsley 943-5000, Ext. 7609
West Side Operations Supervisor Leslie Dunns 943-5000, Ext. 6085
Head Driver Trainer Karen Greene 943-5000, Ext. 6011
Smart Tag Assistant Brandon Zeleny 943-5000, Ext. 7281
West Side Clerk Lisa Breeden 943-5000, Ext 6085