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2016-2017 Rezoning Timeline



GISD will rezone our school boundaries to optimize student capacity at our facilities while accommodating for our district’s student growth. Recognizing that GISD is a fast growth district, our intent is to develop boundaries that will allow us to rezone in a manner that has the least impact on students.  


  1. Create attendance zones that utilize the student capacity of existing and new facilities.

  2. Create vertical feeder patterns for all campuses across the district.

  3. Minimize the impact on students and families.


  1. Demographics

  2. Feeder Patterns

  3. Transportation

  4. Future Growth-Projections

  5. Special Programs


  1. Establish attendance boundaries that take into consideration future growth.


  • Steve West - CFO

  • Bryan Hallmark - Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Operations

  • Suzanne Marchman - Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement

  • Cade Smith - Executive Director of Campus Operations

  • Brian Booker - Forbes Middle School Principal

  • Brian Dawson - Tippit Middle School Principal

  • Lindsay Harris - Middle School #4 Principal

  • Leslie Michalik - Benold Middle School Principal

  • Nancy Bottlinger - Carver Elementary Principal

  • Rob Dyer - Mitchell Elementary Principal

  • Terri Space - Purl

  • Natasha Drumgoole - Williams

  • Natalia Rambach - Pickett

Google Earth Maps: 
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1. Elementary Schools Google Earth Map
2. Middle Schools Google Earth Map

Proposed Maps:
Middle School

Current timeline of Events
August 15 - Information item with timeline to Board
August 17 - Develop goals and charges for rezoning process
August 22  - GISD Zoning Committee appointed by Superintendent
September 1 - Meeting with demographers regarding updates
September 15 - Committee meeting to discuss demographic reports
September 19 - GISD final recommendations for naming of Middle School #4 – 7 p.m. Board Room
October 17 - First GISD presentation to Board – zoning considerations for fall 2017 – 7 p.m. Board Room
October - Launch of website and communication to public requesting feedback on zoning considerations
November 14 - Second GISD presentation to Board – zoning considerations for fall 2017 – 7 p.m. Board Room
December 12 - Third GISD presentation to Board – zoning considerations for fall 2017 – 7 p.m. Board Room January 5 - First public input community meeting - Georgetown High School - 7 p.m. January 10 - Second public input community meeting - East View High School - 7 p.m. January 16 - GISD final recommendations to the Board as action item – 7 p.m. Board Room January TBD - Information sent out to parents of students rezoned (if approved by Board)
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