Rezoning 2016-2017
    Last Updated: January 17, 2017
    Why are students who live in Serenada being rezoned from Benold Middle School to Forbes Middle School?
    The capacity of Benold Middle School is 974 students. Currently, Benold is 94% full at 918 students.  If we were to keep the current zoning boundaries, Benold is projected to have 965 students (99% full) at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. The prediction would be 100+ students over capacity in the 2018-19 school year.
    In preparation of this growth, we have to provide relief to Benold MS. The neighborhood of Serenada gives us the best option with the exception of its proximity to Benold MS:
    • It will allow Serenada students who attend McCoy Elementary to stay with their friends throughout their entire public school career. Current boundary lines split McCoy students between Benold MS and Forbes MS.

    • Rezoning the boundaries of Serenada would allow for a projected student population at Benold and Forbes to be nearly identical for the next 10 years.

    When faced with the decision to either keep students together throughout their public school career, or have a shorter drive to a campus, the committee elected to keep students in the same cohort.
    Will current middle school students be grandfathered in?
     We have the capacity to allow all students who will be going into 8th grade in the 2017-18 school year and their siblings to stay at their current campus for 1 year. We are assessing whether or not we have the capacity to allow students who will be going into 7th grade in the 2017-18 school year the option to finish their middle school career at their current campus, but we are unable to make that commitment at this time.  
    We would not be able to provide transportation for students who attend schools outside of their attendance zones.
    Will Wagner have UIL activities next year?
    Yes.  All Wagner students will be able to participate and compete in UIL activities just like every other middle school in the district.  
    The demographic study does not account for the combination of Purl/Williams going forward.  How many students will the new Purl be able to serve? 
    The new Purl will be able to serve 910 students, but that would be stretched to capacity.  Considering the programs and services offered, we would like to see the student population around 850. 
    Can we keep the Summercrest subdivision zoned for Annie Purl?
    We are looking into this as a possibility. The biggest challenge is the capacity of the Annie Purl campus. When considering programs and services, we need to try to keep the student population around 850 students. We want to avoid dividing actual neighborhoods by attendance zones. For example, sending half of the Summercrest students to Annie Purl and the other half to Mitchell.

    Why move some subdivisions that are currently zoned for Purl to Mitchell when the quarterly reports shows many homes to be built in the Mitchell zone? 
    The proposed zone for Purl Elementary allows for GISD to utilize much of that campus’ space and keep it under capacity, at a consistent level, and most likely free from any further rezoning for at least a decade.  Future rezoning will account for the growth of Mitchell and Carver with a new elementary school (if bond approved) that would relieve both campuses.
    Will there be any consideration given to students and families that are currently at Purl/Williams to stay at Purl, even though they have been rezoned to Mitchell?
    We will allow all students who will be going into 5th grade in the 2017-18 school year to remain at their current campus for 1 year. However, we currently do not have the capacity to let PreK-4th or the siblings of 5th graders stay. Additionally, we will not be able to provide transportation for student attending a campus outside of their attendance zone.
    Why are Annie Purl and Williams students continually split?
    One of the zoning committee's goals is to ensure that we have true feeder patterns that allow students to advance with their cohorts from elementary through high school. The current zoning draft ensures that all students remain with their peers, except for a small population of students who will attend Carver Elementary. All students at Annie Purl will attend Tippit MS and East View HS. 
    If current High School boundaries are to remain the same, does that mean Forbes will continue to split their student body between GHS and EVHS?
    One goal of zoning committee was to create true middle school to high school feeder patterns.   This was made possible by the opening of Wagner MS.  All Benold MS and Forbes MS student will feed into Georgetown HS.  All Tippit MS and Wagner MS student will feed into East View HS.
    Will there be any program changes as a result of rezoning, for example Pre-K and Dual Language programs?  If students are rezoned will they be allowed to continue accessing those programs such as Dual Language at Purl EL?
    As we continue to grow, we will have to constantly assess program needs and facility capacity.  Currently we plan to offer the same programs we have in place at their current locations.  Should students be rezoned we will ensure that they have access to their current programs whether it be Dual Language, Pre-K, or other special programs.
    We recently moved into the Highcrest Meadow subdivision and were under the impression that the elementary/middle school boundaries would be changing for the 2017/18 school year. Are there any plans on changing the boundaries for our area from Annie Purl to Mitchell? I did look at the proposed map, but since I am new to the area and the streets aren't clearly marked I am unsure. 
    Under the proposed plan Highcrest Meadow would be rezoned from Purl EL to Mitchell EL.  We have added map with proposed boundaries in google map form to the rezoning webpage so you will be able to zoom in on specific neighborhoods and streets,
    Will there be an open house at the middle schools to give the current middle school students that are going to be rezoned a chance to see their new school and meet the faculty?
    As soon as the attendance zones are finalized we will set open house opportunities for parents and students to see their new school and get to know their new principal.
    Are there any changes planned for high school boundaries?
    HIgh school boundaries will not change. In fact, one goal of the zoning committee was to ensure that we have true high school feeder patterns. The addition of Wagner Middle School has allowed us to create those feeder patterns and accommodate future growth.
    Have you considered ensuring a better balance of low socioeconomic students attending all schools?
    In a perfect scenario, we would like to have all of our schools similar in terms of size and demographics. Demographics was one of the considerations the zoning committee was tasked to look at. However, we have several significant challenges that prevent us from achieving such balance. First, we have some elementary campuses, such as Pickett and Frost, that have capacity for about 490 students, while other campus hold close to 900. The population density in some neighborhoods prevents us from balancing out demographics. Geography is another huge challenge. There will be a need to build additional elementary schools in the next 3-4 years and there will be opportunities to create a greater demographic balance in the future.
    Was there input from the community or PTA for the rezoning planning process?
     Yes.  We will host two community meetings and have an online feedback form that can be accessed 24/7.  The community meetings are scheduled for: 
    • January 5, 2017 at Georgetown High School – 7pm

    • January 10, 2017 at East View High School – 7 pm

    What happens if there is a major objection to the proposed boundaries?
    We want to hear and need to hear your feedback.  Please attend one of the two community meetings so that we can hear your concern(s) and/or submit your feedback online here.
    Will the committee have time to address rezoning concerns before the January Board meeting?
    Yes. Feedback from the online form will be reviewed daily and the information from the community meetings will be reviewed so that we are taking into consideration information from every community member promptly.
    Was future enrollment growth taken into consideration under the proposed boundary rezoning?
    Future growth was one and will continue to be one of the core considerations under our proposed boundary draft.
    Will the demographic study be shared?
    Our most up to date quarterly demographic study is available online here.  It will also be shared at our two community meetings. 
    Will the boundaries change before the January board meeting or are they set in stone?
    Our current proposal is a draft.  As we get feedback from the community, we will continue to make adjustments that meet the needs of our students. 
    The driving factor for a new campus was and is student population growth.The city of Georgetown is experiencing significant population growth. GISD receives a demography study every quarter with updated projections and will continue to study those and make recommendations based on future trends.