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 “Beliefs shape visions, and visions drive missions. Visions are not accomplished; they are realized. Missions are sets of goals that must be accomplished for visions to be realized.”

"The business of schools is to design, create, and invent high-quality, intellectually demanding schoolwork that students find engaging."                                             

  Dr. Phillip C. Schlechty                                                                                                                                 

Georgetown ISD Vision and Mission


Home of the most inspired students served by the most empowered leaders.


Inspiring and empowering every learner to lead, grow, and serve.  

These statements are at the center of Tippit's efforts to improve student achievement. Our job is to create work that students find engaging. This is the idea behind "Working on the Work" (WOW)... creating quality work that encourages students to do more than merely comply with what is being asked of them, but engages them. 
Tippit has been named to the 2016 Top 100 Best Middle Schools in the Austin Metro Area!  
Tippit Middle School has been named as  one of the 2016 Top 100 Best Middle Schools in the Austin Metro Area!

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No Place for Hate  
We are proud to be a 
 No Place For Hate©
designated campus!
We will:

                    Meet the diverse needs of all students by addressing their individual needs and learning styles in an inviting and inclusive atmosphere

                    Utilize formative and summative data to drive instruction to monitor the learning of all students and guide relevant and embedded professional development

                    Partner with parents and families keeping them informed of student progress and providing resources to assist their students

                    Involve parents and families in collaborative communication

We Believe:

                    Our core mission is to design engaging work for students and to lead students to succeed in that work.  

                    Students are volunteers of their time, effort and attention.  

                    All students can learn at higher levels than they are currently achieving

                    Coordination, collaboration and connections are essential to a successful learning community.  

                    All members of the learning community contribute to a nurturing and engaging learning environment.   


 Tippit Middle School: Successful by Design

Strategic Vision

Core Business Statement:

The core business of Tippit Middle School is to promote, implement and support research-based practices for instructional leadership and teaching designed to provide meaningful and engaged student learning.


1.                  All staff members will be actively engaged in the WOW beliefs and framework.

2.                  All professional learning and development opportunities are high quality and reflective of the District mission and vision.

3.                  High quality extended learning opportunities are available for all students. (Instruction Designed for All Students’ Success)

4.                  All campus leaders are instructional leaders. (Strong Instructional Leadership)

5.                  Rigorous and relevant instruction is evident in all instruction. (Rigorous Standards and Instruction)

6.                  Our School is viewed as the centerpiece of the community life. (Parent and Community Involvement and A Positive School Culture)

7.                  Students will develop 21st century skills in a technology–rich environment. 

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