Catastrophic Leave

  • The district has established a catastrophic leave pool to ensure that members of the pool have adequate sick leave days in the event of an extended disability or a catastrophic illness.  Catastrophic leave benefits can only be used for the catastrophic illness or disability of the employee, including pregnancy-related disability; the serious health condition of the employee's parent, spouse, or child; or because of the death of the employee's parent, spouse or child.  Days may be requested from the pool only after the member has exhausted all accumulated state and local leave days.

    To become a member of the catastrophic leave pool, employees must submit a membership application to the Human Resources Department during the open enrollment period (September 1 - September 30th).  Employees interested in joining must donate two local sick leave days to the pool at the time of enrollment. Employees already enrolled in the pool may be asked to donate additional days if the balance of the leave pool falls below a designated threshold.

    For more information on the catastrophic leave policy, including what conditions qualify, visit Board Policy Online, and search by the term "catastrophic leave."

    How to Request Catastrophic Leave

    Step 1. Visit the Human Resources portion of the district website and print a request for Catastrophic Leave form. Review the definition of Catastrophic Leave. (Note: Your state and local leave must be exhausted in order to qualify.)

    Step 2. Once you have submitted both completed forms to the HR office, it will be determined if you qualify. 

    Step 3. Human Resources will notify you of the decision made.