Poets and their Poems

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Poets and their Poems
An Seventh Grade Pathfinder

"The poet gives us back the world we already know, though it is a world transfigured..." (Carleton Noyes, "Poetry," Bartleby.com) Who are these individuals who have crafted the English language to add their unique perspective on the world and its inhabitants? How do they evoke image and emotion? What were their themes and styles? Choose one individual and explore his or her life. Select a poem and explain how it is representative of their work.

Students should refer to the outline and rubric to guide this project.





You can view a list of the books that are currently on the reference cart by opening the Catalog in Destiny. In the sidebar on the left, click on "Resource Lists." Click the tab marked "Public Lists", then click the "View" button to see "Poets and their Poems."

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Internet Resources

Electronic Databases


World Book

DKC--K-12 databases
--Ebsco--MasUltra (Britannica Biography Collection)

Gale Biography Resource Center (on the Georgetown Public Library website--must login with your GPL student library card number.)

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Internet Resources



a diverse and constantly growing online collection of author programs and K-12 book-related materials.


You must create a unique login name. Use your GAGGLE network login and password. Get the "key" from Mrs. Huba.
Use the keywords below and those from your own research list to begin your search.


Destiny OPAC--WebPath Express

You must open the Catalog in Destiny. Use the keywords below and those from your own research list to begin your search. Look for the WebPath icon .


You may also access websites from the Britannica website

Poets Corner

A website with access to the free portion of the Gale literature database.


Poets' biographies from the Academy of American Poets.

Famous Poets and Poems

Poets' biographies and their poems.

Modern American Poetry

University site. Some biography, some analysis of style, poems.


Citation Machine

Electronic template for creating citations.

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  •  American poetry
  •  Poets, American--Biography
  •  Names of American poets (last name first)
  •  Frost, Robert
  •  Sandburg, Carl
  •  Hughes, Langston
  •  Dickinson, Emily
  •  Millay, Edna St. Vincent
  •  Whitman, Walt
  •  Poe, Edgar Allan
  •  Williams, William Carlos
  •  Stevens, Wallace
  •  Sandburg, Carl
  •  cummings, e.e.
  •  Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
  •  Brooks, Gwendolyn
  •  Silverstein, Shel
  •  English poetry
  •  Poets, English--Biography
  •  Names of English poets (last name first)
  •  Tennyson, Lord Alfred
  •  Kipling, Rudyard
  •  Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
  •  Wordsworth, William
  •  Yeats, William Butler
  •  Lear, Edward
  •  Keats, John
  •  Browning, Robert
  •  Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
  •  Shakespeare, William
  •  Carroll, Lewis
  •  Stevenson, Robert Louis

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Dewey Numbers

  • 811 American poetry
821 English poetry

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