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Description of Course
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Scope and Sequence

Instructional Strategies:
Handbook for Grades 4-12
Reading in the Content Areas and Graphic Organizers
Strategies for Struggling Learners Workshop
Summer School Powerpoint for Ancient Greece

Annotated Bibliographies for K-5:
Children's Literature  - Aligned by Social Studies Strand

Other Curriculum Resources:
TEKS Biographies
TEKS Glossaries

Flash Cards: PowerPoints:

Flash Cards - Exploration
Flash Cards - Colonization
Flash Cards - Revolution
Flash Cards - Republic
Flash Cards - Government
Flash Cards - Civil War

Looping and Review Cards:

Looping Cards for 4th Grade
4th Grade Review Cards
4th Grade Biography Trading Cards

Hands On Activities:

Hands On Activities from San Antonio ISD
Indian Unit - Technology Integration

Caddo PowerPoint
Karankawa PowerPoint
Commanche PowerPoint
Pueblo PowerPoint

Reading, Writing and Map Activities from Nystrom:

Statue of Liberty
The Walton Boys
The Bicycle
The Man in the Map
She Wasn't Scared
The Fossil-finding Trip
Janie's Delightful Flight

Primary Source Adventures:

The Portal to Texas History

Links for Fourth Grade:

  4th Grade

General Resources
Vocabulary Picture Matching Game - 4th Grade (Word Document)
Texas Heroes Bingo
Hand's On Activities from San Antonio ISD
Handbook of Texas Online
Picture History
Texas Bob
Texas Beyond History

New Links Added Summer 2011
Millie Hughes-Fulford
Texas Famous People
Michael Debakey
Class Brain Famous People from Texas
Jose de Escandon
Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Freedom Week (Addded Summer 2011)
Lesson Plans Grades K-4
Celebrate Freedom Week Curriculum Guide 2010
Celebrate Freedom Week with Technology

Maps of Texas and Geography Information
5 Themes of Geography
Texas Landforms
UT - Perry-Castaneda Collection
Historical Maps of Texas
Historical Maps of Texas Cities
Adapting to the Land

Texas Landmarks and State Parks
Passport to Texas
Texas State Parks
Rice University's Historic Designations

Native Americans in Texas - Location (Maps)
Lone Star Junction - Map of the Texas Tribes
Texas - Map of the Texas Tribes
Rice University - Map of the Texas Tribes
Rice University - Distribution of the Tribes before the Spaniards

Texas Tribes - General Information
Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Tribes - Culture
The Story of the Bluebonnet
Arrowheads and Artifacts

The Major Tribes of Texas
The Caddos

The Atakapans
The Commanche
The Coahuiltecan
The Karankawas
The Wacos
The Jumanos
The Wichitas
The Kickapoos

Major Latin American Tribes
The Incas
The Aztecs
The Mayans

Spanish Exploration
Spanish Colonial Research Center
Spanish Colonial Architecture
Spanish History and Heritage

Changes in Attitude and Technology
Ship Construction

Spanish Explorers
Spain at the Time of Exploration
Christopher Columbus
Timeline - 1492-1542
Timeline - 1565-1628
PBS - Conquistadors
Texas Explorers - Why did they come?

Cabeza de Vaca
A Map of de Vaca's journeys
Cabeza de Vaca - Medicine Man
Cabeza de Vaca - Explorer
Cabeza de Vaca
Cabeza de Vaca - Texas Journey

Francisco Coronado
A Map of the Coronado Expedition - 1540-1542
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Seven Cities of Gold

Hernando de Soto
MAP - De Soto's Journey
De Soto - Explorer
Hernando de Soto

The French in Texas
La Salle's Shipwreck
Seiur de La Salle(1643-1687)

Spanish Missions in Texas
Five Missions of San Antonio
Handbook of Texas - Spanish Missions
National Park Service - San Antonio Missions

Anglo Settlers
Texas Handbook Online
Brazoria County
Lone Star Junction - S.F. Austin

Mexican Texas
Mexican History
Mexican Independence
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

The Texas Revolution
The Texians: Heroes of the Revolution
Washington on the Brazos
Battle of Velasco
Battle of Gonzales
Goliad Massacre
La Bahia
The Alamo
Travis' Appeal for Aid at the Alamo
Pena Narrative - To Whom Was This Sacrifice Useful?
PBS American Experience
The History Channel
Texas, Texans and The Alamo
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo
Battle of San Jacinto
San Jacinto Monument and Museum

The Republic of Texas
The Constitution of Texas
Presidents of the Republic
The Capitols of Texas
Money of the Republic of Texas

Resolution Annexing Texas to the US
Annexation - Texas State Library

The Mexican-American War
The Mier Expedition
President Polk's Message of War
Abraham Lincoln's Reaction
Mexican-American War Events
PBS - The Mexican War

The Civil War
Causes of the Civil War
North and the South During the Age of Jackson
Tocqueville's North

State's Rights/Politics
Nullification Issue of 1832
State's Rights
Free-Soil Party

Kansas-Nebraska Act
Compromise of 1850 American Memory

The Election of 1860
Map of the Election
Lincoln's Election 1860

The Moral Issue: Slavery
Dred Scott Case
Uncle Toms Cabin and the American Culture

John Brown and Harper's Ferry
John Brown's Holy War
John Brown and the Valley of the Shadow

Texas in the Civil War
Texas Ordinance of Secession (February 2, 1861)
Secession Convention of 1861
Declaration of Causes
Narrative History of Texas Secession
The Impact of Civil War Legislation on Texas
Texas During the Civil War
Texas Forces in the Civil War
37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's), CSA
The McArdle Notebooks - Texas State Library
Civil War Battles in Texas

Electronic Village
Handbook of Texas
Library of Congress

The Reconstruction Acts of 1867
Readmission to the Union
Texas and Reconstruction

Cattle and Oil
Texas Cattle Trails
History of Longhorn Cattle
Texas Cattle Brands
Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire Museum
Hooked on Barbed Wire
Fort Concho
Fort Davis
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame
The Buffalo Soldiers
Seminoles in Texas and Mexico
Railroad Building in Texas
Katy Railroad Historical Society
Discovery of the Panhandle Oil and Gas Field
Oil Boom Days in the Panhandle - 1925

World War I and the Great Depression
The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Texas and World War I
Votes for Women!
New Deal Texans
Cotton and Petroleum Crises of 1931
Bonnie and Clyde
Work Relief Administration Press Conferences, Hopkins, 3/23/34
Pea-Pickers' Child

World War II
Digital Oral history
Lost Battalion of Texas
McLean Prisoner of War Camp
World War II Internment Camp

Beyond World War II
Sweatt v. Painter
Texas City Disaster 1947
The Sixth Floor Museum
Texas in the 1960s
Lyndon Baines Johnson
LBJ Presidential Library for Kids

Texas Government Links
Texas Online
Texas Governor
Texas Legislature
Texas Judiciary
Texas Elections
Texas Senate Kids

Assessment Resources:
Grades K-5

Constitution Day Resources:
Primary documents, lesson plans, and stories for kids

Project VOTE:
Election Curriculum for All Grade Levels

Professional Social Studies Organizations:
Links to Local, State and National Organizations

Professional Listservs:
Get the latest from TEA and Region XIII Social Studies Teams

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