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Economics and United States Government

  Economics and Free Enterprise:

   Curriculum Documents for Economics and Free Enterprise:

   Description of Course

   Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
   Scope and Sequence for Economics and Free Enterprise

United States Government:

Curriculum Documents for U.S. Government:

Description of Course
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
Scope and Sequence for  U.S. Government

Links and Resources for Economics and U.S. Government:

General Resources
Practical Money Skills for Life
Building Wealth - A Beginner's Guide to Securing Your Financial Future
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

Supreme Court Decisions
U.S. Federal Government Agencies
United Nations
International Relations Links
Political Science Resources
The History of Social Security
Index of Economic Freedom
Beyond Red vs. Blue
Diversity in U.S.
FactCheck - Monitor Factual Accuracy of Political Statements
EcEd Web - Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers
National Council on Economic Education
Current Economic Data
The World Bank Home Page
Free Trade
Geocoding System
The Stock Market Game

Budget Process
Congressional Budget Office

Discretionary and Mandatory Spending
Historical Tables
Income Tax Chart
Individual Income Tax Returns
Interest Expense
National Debt
The Laffer Curve

Political Cartoons
Cagle Index for Current Cartoons

Teachers Guide for Political Cartoon

Economic Data
Economic Regional Update
Texas Economic Conditions and Outlook
Construction & Real Estate
Texas Exports
U.S.–Mexico Border and Maquiladora Industry
Regional Economy Slideshow
U.S. Housing Market Slideshow
The Globalization of U.S. Business Investment - White Paper
Dallas Federal Reserve Bank - Economic Letter on the important trends and policy issues

Election 2008
Electoral Votes

Are We Running Out of Everything?

Concentration of Energy Production on the Gulf Coast
Effect of High Oil Prices
Gasoline Prices - A Primer
Global Warming's Friendly Fire
Making Sense of High Oil Prices
Oil Prices and the Economy
Upstream Petroleum Employment in Current Drilling Cycle
Ignoring economics Part II - Lawmakers Struggle
Running on Empty?
U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices
Very, Very Big Corn - Ethanol
Volatile Oil and Natural Gas Prices

Key Issues
National Debt
FAQ about the Debt
New York Times


Private Rights to Property

Supreme Court
Social Security
Income and Tax
Taxpayer Scorecards
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Tax Story
Terrorism Around the World
Illegal Immigration and Enforcement Along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Texas Online
The Real Cost of Regulation
Time Magazine
United States Capital

U.S. Capital Virtual Tour:
multimedia tour of the U.S. Capital
Washington Post

White House Online Tour

Assessment Resources for TAKS:
Grade 8, 10 and 11 TAKS Released Tests, Keys, Analyses and More

Instructional Strategies:
Reading in the Content Area and Graphic Organizers

Constitution Day Resources:
Primary documents, lesson plans, and stories for kids

Project VOTE:
Election Curriculum for All Grade Levels

Professional Social Studies Organizations:
Links to Local, State and National Organizations

Professional Listservs:
Get the latest from TEA and Region XIII Social Studies Teams

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