The Library Procedures Manual is a reference source for GISD librarians.  It includes all relevant policy and guidelines for library services.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Philosophy

    A.  Foreword

    B.  GISD Mission and Statement of Beliefs

    C.  GISD Libraries Mission Statement

    D.  Goals of GISD Libraries

  1. Personnel

    A.  Librarian/Library Media Specialist

    B.  Library Assistant/Aide/Clerk

    C.  Student Aide/Assistant

    D.  Volunteers

  1. Instructional Programs

A.  Library Curriculum Support

B.  Circulation Policies

  1. Collection Development

A.  Selection of Learning Resources (Board Policy)

B.  Procedures for Dealing With Challenged Materials (Board Policy)

C.  Selection Guidelines

D.  Guidelines for Collection Weeding and Inventory

E.  Guidelines for Processing Materials

F.  Standards for Bibliographic Records

  1. Technology Policies

    A.  Internet/Computer Use in GISD Libraries

    B.  Guidelines for Evaluating Web Pages

    C.  Computer Use - Acceptable Use and Code of Conduct (Board Policy)