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Technology Department :: Hardware & Software

In the fall of 2002, GISD adopted hardware & software standards to ensure that all technology equipment purchased or accepted for donation by the district meets minimum standards and is compatible with existing technology.

NEW! Have a software request for an item not on the approved list? Submit the Software Evaluation Form in Eduphoria Formspace. Click on the Submit New Form button, then choose Technology and Software Evaluation Form to complete the information.


Technology Department approval is required to purchase or accept for donation any item not on the approved hardware & software lists.  All technology purchase orders must be routed through the Technology Department to be added to inventory.

Hardware Purchasing Procedures:

Software Purchasing Procedures:

1. Verify the hardware is located on the Approved Hardware List and meets the minimum hardware standards. If so, please skip #2.

1. Verify the software is located on the Approved Software List. If so, please skip #s 2 and 3. 

2. Complete the Software Evaluation Form  if the software is not located on the Approved Software List.

2. Call or email Helpdesk for approval from a Technology Department representative.

3. Request signature of approval from a Technology Department representative.

3. Submit Purchase Order for Technology Director signature.

4. Submit Purchase Order for Technology Director signature.



Workstations Laptops Printers Scanners Print Servers
Dell Optiplex
Dell Dimension
Dell Precision
Dell Inspiron
Dell Latitude
· Lexmark Workgroup Laser (T632DTN)
· Lexmark Personal Laser (E323N)
· Lexmark Color Laser Printer (C750N)
· Lexmark Inkjet (Z65)
· Dell Personal Laser (P1500)
HP ScanJet HP 170X (Novell compatible; Appletalk is not supported)
HP 300X (Novell & Appletalk compatible)

*Dell is the vendor of choice for all new computer purchases. Minimum standards for computer purchases are as follows:

· Intel Pentium 4 / Celeron 2.66GHz (Pentium M 740 for Laptop) or Higher
512 MB RAM
· 10 / 100 / 1000 Network Card (+ Integrated Wireless for Laptop)
80 GB SATA Hard Drive (60 GB for Laptop)
17” Multimedia Flat Panel monitor
Optical Scroll Mouse / Keyboard
Desktop form factor


Office Productivity Tools

Multimedia/Desktop/Web Publishing Tools

Microsoft Office XP, 2003
Microsoft Word XP, 2003
Microsoft Excel XP, 2003
Microsoft Access XP, 2003
Filemaker Pro 5.5 or higher (not always network
compatible if hosting databases)
Adobe Acrobat
Palm Desktop
SASIxp / IGPro

Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or higher
Adobe Illustrator 9.0 or higher
Microsoft FrontPage XP, 2003
Microsoft Publisher XP, 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint XP, 2003

Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Professional

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher (free)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)

Security Software

Special Applications

LightSpeed Anti-Virus

Follett Destiny Library Applications
Skyward Financial

Elementary Instructional Software

Secondary Instructional Software

Accelerated Reader
STAR Reading
Student Writing Center
New Keys for Kids
All The Right Type
Type to Learn
Kid Pix
Crossword Companion
Read, Write, and Type

Accelerated Reader
Star Reading
Crossword Companion
Flinn Combined MSDS/ Chemventory
Finale 2003
Finale Notepad 2003 or higher


The following is a list of software that is unapproved, is incompatible with our current network configuration, or violates the GISD Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Any messaging / chat agents or clients that constantly utilize network bandwidth to check outside messages or e-mail such as AOL Instant  Messenger.
  • Any non-instructional games, especially those that involve the Internet or GISD's network.
  • Any program that is designed for the collection or sharing of music.
  • Any program that is designed to stream audio/video media such as online radio stations.
  • Any program that is designed to replicate, damage, or hinder the performance of a computer or the GISD network in any way such as a virus.
  • Network "sniffers," network monitoring software, and other hacking tools.
  • ANY unauthorized or unlicensed software.  No one is allowed to install any software on any computer without a license purchased by GISD and/or the express permission of the Technology Department.

If you know that any of these programs are installed on your computer or any other computer in our district, please contact the Helpdesk.


Departments, programs or campuses wishing to have items added to the lists may submit a request to the appropriate department (Curriculum, Special Education, etc.) who will work with technology department personnel to approve or deny the request. Requests must be submitted prior to the purchase of the item. The criteria for an addition to this list are:

1. The item provides functionality not found in the current approved list. (For example, requests for items such as Word Perfect or other software that duplicates Microsoft Word or AppleWorks, would not be approved.)
2. Any item used in a classroom setting satisfies curricular needs. 
3. The item is compatible with existing network, operating systems, & equipment.

Any department, program or campus purchasing items not found on the approved list without prior approval from the Technology Department may not install the item(s) on a computer or connect them to a building's LAN (local area network) or GISD's WAN (wide area network). The Technology Department will not accept responsibility for the installation, operation, training, or maintenance of unapproved items. The purchaser will assume full responsibility for returning the unapproved item(s) to the vendor and will incur any monetary losses. 

Please be aware, items needing to be connected to the GISD network may require the purchase of additional hardware such as network drops, hubs, switches, media converters, and print servers. If this is a concern, please contact the Technology Department.


All requests for new software installation must be submitted through the Helpdesk using the Software Evaluation Form thirty days before the beginning of the semester, unless prior approval has been obtained through from the Technology Director. 


GISD accepts for donation any item on the above approved lists, and minimum standards for other computer donations are:

Major computer manufacturer (Dell, Compaq, IBM, HP etc.)
Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
512 MB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive
17” Flat Panel Monitor
Any laser printer in good working order

Donated items must be approved by the Technology Department before the donation is accepted. Donations must be in working order and meet or exceed the minimum donated equipment standards. Donated equipment has hidden costs for which the Technology Department does not budget, such as network connections, software packages and licenses. Additionally, equity and consistency issues are examined in the placement of all donated equipment. 

For more information about GISD hardware & software standards, or to donate equipment, contact:

Curtis Parker
Network Technician
GISD Technology Department
603 Lakeway Drive, Georgetown TX 78628
(512) 943-5018