About Annie Purl Elementary

Annie Purl Elementary a part of the Georgetown Independent School District SYSTEM of schools, located in Georgetown, Texas-the heart of the Texas Hill Country, celebrates a long and rich history of a positive, motivating, and all-inclusive climate and environment. We pride ourselves in our highly diverse student body, and thriving parent and community collaboration. We are very excited to share that our campus is a Texas Education Agency Recognized School for our third year. Annie Purl Elementary School collaborates with many of the colleges and universities in the Georgetown area as a Professional Learning Community, focusing on family partnerships, teacher training, and best-practice classrooms.  Annie Purl Elementary serves approximately 500 students in pre-kindergarten through second grade. Students attend our sister school, Williams Elementary, for third-fifth grades.

Over the years, Annie Purl Elementary School has developed a culture in which children, parents and staff are encouraged to learn about, embrace and celebrate each other and to respond sensitively to each other's needs and differences. Many parents comment on how considerate older Annie Purl and Williams’ students are to younger students in the hallways, cafeteria and playground.

The feeling of community has grown beyond the perimeters of Annie Purl Elementary School’s walls and hours. Some parents and staff members tutor children who either are having academic difficulties or show exceptional talent. Some parents mentor other parents and/or their children, giving them access to opportunities their own parents may not have had. Parents get together to share skills that may make things easier at home, work, or school. This all occurs informally, inside and outside Annie Purl’s instructional channels of family involvement.

Our school has excellent resources from our library to our classroom computers, to our incredible highly qualified staff, our very active and energetic PTA, and especially our phenomenal parents and supportive community! Annie Purl Elementary School has the best students because of the incredible investment made by our staff, parents, community and business partners! Our students’ successes would not happen without the incredible partnership established at Annie Purl Elementary School.

Annie Purl Elementary School prides itself in the passion and belief that ALL children can learn and it is OUR responsibility to make it happen. We are responsible for preparing our students for their future, not our past. With this in mind, we collectively work hard to create an atmosphere that all students feel safe and are eager to take risks. We are committed to taking each individual child on their own personal educational journey. We are focused on the goal of all students not only completing public education, but preparing our students to pursue post public school education. Data is our driving force! Children are our passion and success for all is our mission! We know we have been successful when children are laughing and learning simultaneously and their experiences at Annie Purl become life long guidelines and memories that create a foundation for their educational, moral, and emotional growth. Our students are our future. “…from these halls explode our future!”

We are very excited to partner with our sister school, Williams Elementary, for third-fifth grades. Our students will experience a pretty seamless transition between Purl 2nd grade and Williams 3rd grade due to a rich tradition of collaboration and co-planning between the two campuses. Our goal is to prepare all students for a smooth and successful transition. In order to do this, we must consistently work and collaborate to prepare our students for this monumental transition to Williams Elementary. We are very excited and honored to partner with Williams Elementary school and celebrate alongside them with their rich tradition of successes!
School Mascot
Purl Pumas


Annie Purl Elementary School

Address   1700 Laurel Street
Georgetown, TX 78626
PrincipalTerri Space
TEA RatingMet Standard
GradesPre-Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Paired WithWilliams Elementary (for grades 3-5)
School Hours7:45 - 3:15