• Announcements May 22

    • Please plan to meet in Ms. Rowles's room Thursday, May 24 to settle up on poms and uniforms (I have several dancers who leave their stuff with me). We will also be practicing "I Love Rock n Roll" one more time before the assembly that day. 
    • Don't forget to wear your spirit shirt/bow and bring your uniform AND POMS Thursday for our performance for the 5th graders!!
    • We WILL perform at the 5th grade welcome assembly on Thursday which starts around 10 AM.  I do not believe this is open to all parents, but feel free to call the bubble should you like more information (: 
    • If you have any popcorn money still out, please return that ASAP. 
    • Try-outs are this week--good luck to those participating!!!


    Announcements April 24

    • Our next performace will be at the March 11th Pep Rally.  The next couple of practices will be really important for girls to attend.  Ladies, please wear your spirit t-shirt to school and bring your sparkle top, leggings, shoes, bows, poms, etc. We will be performing "Treasure!"
    • Anyone who hasn't picked up jackets or duffel bags, please see me during Advisory (: 
    • End-of-year party and try-outs will likely both be in May! Keep an ear out for updates! 


    Announcements March 2

    • My after-school bus duty has been changed! That means we can move up practice time from 4:25 to 4:10/4:15! New practice times are 4:10/15 (whenever everyone is changed and ready)-5:00. E-mail (rowlesh@georgetownisd.org) me with any questions or issues this change might bring.  If it is an inconvenient time frame for most, we can revisit it. 
    • Admin officially approved a staff vs. student basketball game for NEXT FRIDAY, MARCH 9. We have received the OK to perform at halftime of BOTH games.  Ladies, this means you should bring ALL of your gear. Wear your spirit shirts to shool, and bring your blue sparkle top, leggings, shoes, bow, poms, etc.  Parents are invited to attend if they're available.  Official times have not yet been finalized, but I will communicate those as soon as possible. 


    Announcements February 2

    • There is an OPTIONAL performance on Monday, February 5th at 6:30 PM at the last girls' basketball game against Liberty Hill. The time is approximate, but close.  It will take place in between the 7th and 8th grade games after the parents/students are introduced!  The opportunity came about last minute, and I know several girls play basketball, so no worries if you can't make it! 
    • Bring $5 for pizza and a drink if you'd like a snack between practice and performance. Again, this is totally optional; feel free to bring your own snack if you'd like! 
    • Ms. Rowles will be leaving at about 6:45/7:00.  The girls are welcome to stay after and watch the 8th grade game, but I won't be there to chaperone. 
    • Please bring BOTH your sprit t-shirt and royal blue sequined top.  I'd love if we could all wear our uniforms for this one!  You'll also need appropriate undergarmants (potentially a black tank or definitely a black sports bra for underneath), your leggings, bow, and poms. 
    • Again, sorry about the last-minute notice!  We got the details arranged a bit last minute! 



    Announcements January 26

    • No practice this Monday, January 29th. 
    • Our next performance will be after school at the girls' basketball game, February 5th, against Liberty Hill.  It's their last home game! More details to come!
    • Duffle bags have been ordered and should be in NEXT WEEK!
    • We still have 50 bags of popcorn to sell.  See me Tuesday-Thursday morning of next week if you'd like to sell popcorn before school! 
    • Yearbook pictures will be during 3rd period on February 14th.  Wear your spirit t-shirt to school and bring your sequined top, bow, and poms WITH you. 


    Announcements December 12

    • The girls have voted to have a Holiday party THIS THURSDAY 12/14 from 8-8:45 A.M. Sorry for the late notice; they wanted to reschedule for THIS week rather than next week.  Please bring a breakfast item (muffins, kolaches, fruit, juice, etc.) if you'd like to participate.  We'll be in room A114. Participation is totally optional. 


    • No Open Gym Thursday 12/21. 


    • Our first after-school performance is next Monday 12/19.  Please see ALL of the announcements in the post below this one for futher details. 
      • Pizza for dinner (optional) $5.
      • Ms. Rowles is leaving after the performance. 
      • We will be wearing our spirit t-shirts rather than our performance tops. 



    Falconettes Performance @ the Basketball Game December 18th

    • Our dance girls will have their first performance on Dec 18th during halftime at the 7th grade basketball game! Everyone is welcome to come watch!! 


    • Rowles will be leaving after the performance as she has a 30-45 minute commute home. If your daughter would like to stay after the game, please know that Ms. Rowles will NOT be there to chaperone and stay with her until pick up time. 


    • Please make sure you bring poms, black pants, your blue spirit t-shirt, bow, and any other attire (socks, sports bra, etc.) you may need for the performance. Not all exchanges have come in yet, so we will dance in black pants and our spirit tees in the meantime.


    • Girls are welcome to bring their own snack for after school. Rowles will order pizza and have beverages available as well at a cost of $5 each. Eating pizza is completely optional, but I’ll need to have the money by Monday in order to pay our delivery person.


    *Also, please get in all of our popcorn money AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can start another round of sales. 


    Y’all are doing great! Can’t wait to see you out on the floor 




    Announcements 11/13

    1. There will be NO dance practice the Monday after break, 11/27 or Open Gym Thursday 11/30, as Ms. Rowles will not be available. 

    2. Popcorn fundraiser will begin TUESDAY, 11/28.  The money raised will be used to pay for competition fees and other team needs.  It's our goal for each girl to sell about 20 bags of popcorn at $2 each.  Please stop by on your way home to pick up your sales sheet and bags of popcorn. Ms. Rowles will deliver details about this at practice TODAY. 

    3. Our first performance will be December 18 at the 7th grade game.  If you'd like to stay after to enjoy the game, you'll need a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian.  Please give to Ms. Rowles ASAP. Any girl who has not paid her fees or turned in a grade report will not be eligible to participate as she will not yet have her dance uniform.  The second installment of dues was due 10/15 and grade reports were due October 26. 

    4. Please remember that pick up time is 5:25, and 3 late pick ups from practice may result in a dancer being asked to leave the team.  Thus, if you think you may run late (It happens!) more than 3 times this year, please send Ms. Rowles an e-mail at rowlesh@georgetownisd.org or send in a signed note giving permission for your student to be left unattended after 5:30 PM. This will remove the late-pick-up penalties and ensure your daughter will remain eligible to participate. 


    The girls are doing wonderfully at practice! I can't wait for everyone to see their hard work displayed at our first game!! 


    Announcements 10/24! 


    1. There will be no Open Gym this Thursday, October 26, because of a Team Lead meeting.  These meetings will occur every last Thursday of the month, cancelling Open Gym all of those dates.  I will remind the girls of this monthly. 


    2. GET YOUR DUES TURNED IN! As mentioned, girls will not receive their uniforms until they are up-to-date on their payments.  Ladies cannot perform without their uniforms :-/ 


    3. If you think you will be late at Monday pick-up (5:25) more than 3 times this year, please send a signed permission slip or an email to Ms. Rowles (rowlesh@georgetownisd.org) giving your dancer permission to be left unattended after 5:30 to avoid late pick-up consequences. 




    Uniform Guide


    Please visit the following links to see the uniforms selected and the accompanying size guides.  Please e-mail Ms. Rowles sizes for your girl(s) by Monday, October 9th so that uniforms may be ordered ASAP. 

    Dance Top

    Jazz Pants

    Black, Soft-Soled Jazz Shoes


    As a side note, the 2nd installment of dues are due October 15! The majority of this portion goes to pay for uniforms, etc. 


    Falconettes Facts

    • Our remind code is @dg9eea. Text this message to 81010 to join the group. I highly recommend both dancer and parent/guardian join! J
    • Please contact Ms. Rowles at rowlesh@georgetownisd.org with ANY questions you may have! I have classes and meetings nearly all day, so phone is not a great option for communication.
    • Mandatory practices are Mondays until 5:25. Dancers should change in the restrooms and meet outside of Ms. Rowles’s room (A104) until she returns from bus duty.  Best behavior is expected! Managers will take attendance at this time and girls should stretch while they wait in the hall. We will move to the small gym, cafeteria, or other practice location after. Please remember our tardy policy and be prompt at pickup time. Three or more late pickups may result in a dancer being asked to leave the team.
    • For the time being, there will be an “open gym” for girls in Ms. Rowles’s room Thursday mornings from 8:05-8:35. Girls are welcome to come in and stretch or practice during this time as well. We do not currently have a space reserved, so they will report to room A104. This is NOT a mandatory practice, but it is an option so that girls who need additional practice can have it.  Dancers must have dances memorized and ready to go for all performances, so anyone struggling is encouraged to attend. As the season progresses, we may end open gym or add an additional practice, depending on the needs of the team and staff/facility availability.  Any changes will be communicated to dancers and their families as soon as possible.
    • Fees are $240. The first ½ was due September 18th. Please get this in as soon as possible so we can pay our choreographer and order uniforms.  Girls will not receive their uniforms, poms, etc. until fees are paid.  The second installment is due October 15th or as soon as you can J  Girls will not be able to perform with the group without their uniforms and poms once they are in and size-checked. Checks can be made out to Forbes MS Dance. Please e-mail Ms. Rowles at rowlesh@georgetownisd.org with any questions or concerns regarding payment.
    • Lastly, a quick reminder about grades and behavior. Per the GISD Dance Constitution, grades and behavior will impact a dancer’s eligibility to perform, be on the team, etc. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK AND BE A LEADER IN THE CLASSROOM! See the Dance Constitution on the FMS Dance page if you have any questions.





    Let’s have an awesome first season!!