• After School Action Program:
    Building Assets- Believing in Youth
    The After School Action Program (ASAP) is a program that works to Develop Assets® in young people by exposing them to a variety of exciting programming. With support from The Georgetown Project, this Georgetown ISD program works to give middle school students safe and healthy after school activities. These activities promote good decision making, exploring leadership potential, making the most of academics and so much more. By using the framework of the 40 Developmental Assets® developed by The Search Institute, ASAP is able to create programming that intentionally focuses on positive youth development with an emphasis on school and community engagement. ASAP is not just an after school program it is an extracurricular activity that builds positive experiences for youth! Come explore your talents and leadership potential with The After School Action Program.
    Contact:(512) 943-5000 ext. 6925
    Website: http://www.georgetownasap.org
  • Benold Middle School Cheerleaders
    BMS cheerleaders are 7th and 8th graders who dedicate their time and energy to promote school enthusiasm and spirit in all areas of competitiveness.  BMS cheerleaders are selected in the spring of their 6th and 7th grade years.  To be eligible to tryout, candidates must have at least a 70% average in all classes with no N conduct for each grading period.  Candidates must attend a tryout camp and then go before a panel of judges who select the BMS cheerleaders. 
    Sponsors: Robin Humphrey
    Email: humphreyr@georgetownisd.org

    The mission of MATHCOUNTS is to increase enthusiasm for and enhance achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States.  As a MATHCOUNTS participant your student has the opportunity to compete in local, district, state and national competitions.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.  The Benold MATHCOUNTS Team is made up of highly motivated "mathletes" in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.  The Team has fun working together and learning from each other as they discover creative ways to solve problems.  Please check the MATHCOUNTS website for more information and activities. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Murray
    Email: murrayj@georgetownisd.org
  • National Junior Honor Society
    NJHS is a service based organization made up of 8th graders.  These students maintained a 90-or-above average in their four core classes and displayed great character during the Spring semester of their 7th grade year as well as met all deadlines for induction during the first 9 weeks of their 8th grade year.  Membership is both an honor and a commitment.  Members must attend regular meetings, complete 12 hours of community service, and maintain the standards by which they were selected.
    Georgetown ISD and Southwestern University have formed a mentorship and enrichment program known as Operation Achievement or OA. This program has been a running success for the past 20 years!!!!!!!!
    The program assists middle school students in developing the discipline and motivation needed for academic success. Southwestern students known as mentors are paired with middle school students. The students and mentors meet once a week at Southwestern University to develop and maintain an academic program of study based on student's personal goals, teacher/parent recommendations/expectations and individual learning needs.

    Sponsor: Becky Loera
    Email: loerab@georgetownisd.org
  • Peer Mediation
    At the beginning of each year, a group of students from each grade level is trained to facilitate the mediation process. Peer mediators do not advise students on how to solve a problem. Instead, they guide students through a process that gives each person an opportunity to discuss the problem. Once the problem has been fully shared to the satisfaction of both students involved, they are guided to find their own solution to the problem. The goal is for students to recognize a way to solve the problem and create a contract that is balanced, practical, and fair. Mediations are kept confidential unless something illegal or dangerous becomes an issue. A teacher sponsor is in the room, however, mediations are run by students.

    We believe that Peer Mediation is particularly important for students of middle school age. It helps to teach our maturing young people many of the skills they will need to successfully solve problems. They take responsibility for making solutions work in a way they might not if someone else told them what to do.

    Student Council members are given an opportunity to sign up for Student Council by filling out an application, obtaining two teacher recommendations, and turning in these forms by the September due date.
    Once selected, they are expected to attend meetings, maintain passing scores in all of their classes, and represent the student body through behavior and conduct.
    Meetings are held during Wednesday mornings at 8:05. Announcements will be made in order to announce the meetings.
    Student Council participates in the Veterans Day Program, hosts Red Ribbon Week, helps out with the Red Ribbon Week Poppy Festival Bike Ride, and is the representative for No Place for Hate. They take pride in making sure our school is a No Hate Zone with fun activities throughout the year.
    Sponsor: Nancy Janda

  • University Interscholastic League (UIL)

    UIL is the governing body for all athletic competitions in the state of Texas as well as all music contests and all ACADEMIC competitions. GISD previously competed in the Academic contests only at the high school level. The success of the elementary pilot program at various GISD schools in 2006-2007 helped to expand the program to all three middle schools. With the support of the PTA, The After School Action Program, and GeorgetownISD this program has had continued success. UIL Club is an excellent way to prepare our students for district competition. This program is offered to ALL 6th, 7th and 8th graders this year. There is no charge for participation in the UIL. Students who wish to participate can choose from one of the following categories.

    1.      Spelling- improves your vocabulary
    2.      Ready Writing- learn how to write an essay
    3.      Number Sense-perform quick math calculations
    4.      Oral Reading-gain excellent speaking skills
    5.      Art

    This is an excellent opportunity for your child to be further challenged and be included in something they can participate in and compete with students in other districts through high school.  Please contact our reception bubble staff at 512-943-5090 for more information.