• Welcome to Annie Purl Pre-Kinder!

    This website will serve as a learning and information resource for students and parents. Please use the navigation links on the left side of the page to access information about our activities.

    You may also visit our individual teacher pages to find contact information for our team members. 
    Our PK/PPCD classroom is set up using a co-teach model of teaching. We have a Pre-K teacher and a PPCD teacher, along with a paraprofessional  working with all students throughout the day. We focus on skills in every academic area, especially on letter and letter sound recognition, number, color and shape recognition, beginning writing and drawing skills, comprehension skills, and oral language. We expect students to follow the rules of Annie Purl, including showing respect to peers and adults (nice words, nice hands), self-checking in the hallway, and always trying their best. We talk a lot about doing your personal best, including discussions about choices when they are in a difficult situation with a friend. Please ask if you would like to hear more.