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Chemistry, IPC, Anatomy & Physiology, Earth & Space
Richarte High School
Phone: 512-943-5000 x.7225


Visit my IPC and Chemistry course pages for videos to keep caught up in those classes.  Click on the unit and video you need to see. Let me know if you are unsure of which videos you need to watch!

My Education & Teaching Background
I have been teaching since 1999, and have been in GISD since 2006.  I am a graduate of the University of Texas. I earned my B.S. in 1999 and my M.Ed. in 2004, and I am currently working on a second master's degree (M.S.) in space studies/planetary science from the University of North Dakota.
I taught middle school science and math for 11 years and have been at Richarte since 2010. Please feel free to email me at any time regarding the information in this website or with any questions you may have.
Each course has separate informational pages, each listed on the left of this page. Each page named by the course title is daily agenda information. For chemistry and IPC, the course video folder link is at the top of the course page. The "documents" pages contain downloadable information.
Si necesita la información en español, llámeme por favor en el número de teléfono 943-5120 x7225.



1st Period 8:40 - 9:40 - Chemistry

2nd Period 9:43 - 10:43 - IPC

3rd Period 10:46 - 11:52 - IPC

Lunch* 11:53 - 12:23

Advisory* 12:25 - 1:01

4th Period 1:04- 2:04 - Anatomy & Physiology

5th Period 2:07 - 3:07 - Conference period

6th Period 3:10- 4:10 - Earth & Space