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Directions: All questions must be answered in a complete sentence; restating

the question as part of your answer.


Study Guide Questions

The Cay


Chapter 1


1.  What arrived during the night in February 1942?

2.  Where does the story take place?

3.  Where did Phillip and Henrick like to play and where?

4.  What kind of job did Phillip’s father have?

5.  What did Phillip’s mom do to “hide their house from the enemy?”

6.  Where did Phillip’s father want Phillip and his mother to sleep? Why?

7.  How many submarines surrounded the island?

8.  Where had Phillip lived before moving to the island?

9.  What kind of weapons did the islanders have to fight the German submarines?


Chapter 2


1.  What did Phillip put under his pillow for protection?

2.  What did Phillip’s mother want to do?

3.  What supplies were getting low on the island?

4.  What happened to the S.S. Empire Tern?

5.  What did Phillip’s mother convince his father to do?

6. Why did the S.S. Hato need to stop at Panama before going to the states?


Chapter 3


1.  After leaving Panama, what happened to the S.S. Hato?

2.  What happened to Phillip as he was being lowered to the lifeboat?

3.  How was Phillip hurt?

4.  When Phillip woke up, who was with him?

5.  How did the black man protect them from the hot sun while on the raft?

6.  What was the man’s name?

7.  How did Phillip immediately feel about the black man?

8.  What did Phillip eat for supper and how was it prepared?






Chapter 4


1.  How is Phillip feeling about Timothy?

2.  Where was Timothy from?

3.  What did Phillip and Timothy eat for breakfast?

4.  How was Timothy kind to Phillip?

5.  What was wrong with Phillip when he woke up?

6.  How did Phillip react to his new condition?


Chapter 5 and 6


1.  What did Phillip and Timothy hear?

2.  What did Timothy do to try and get help?

3.  What did Timothy warn Phillip to always be careful of?

4.  What did Timothy say was bad luck and why?

5.  How was Phillip able to see?

6.  What happened when Phillip fell overboard?

7.  How did Phillip get back on the raft>

8.  What did Timothy see about 2 miles away?

9.  What was on the island? Describe it in detail.


Chapter 7 and 8


1.  What was Timothy going to do to try and rescue Phillip and himself?

2.  Where was the island that Timothy had found?

3.  How did Phillip feel when Timothy went to explore the island?

4.  How big was the island?

5.  What bad news did Timothy tell Phillip?

6.  What type of shelter did Timothy make?

7.  How did Phillip react when Timothy left him alone?

8.  What did Timothy catch for supper?

9.  What did Phillip have to spell for Timothy and why?

10. How did this event change Phillip?



Chapter 9 and 10


1.  What did Timothy do with the rope he made?

2.  What work did Timothy want Phillip to do?

3.  How did Phillip feel about this?

4.  Why did Timothy hit Phillip?

5.  Phillip began to change the day Timothy hit him. How did he change?

6.  Why were Timothy and Phillip glad when it started raining?

7.  What fun did Timothy have as a young man?

8.  How did Phillip begin to feel about black people after his talk with Timothy?

9.  What food was on the island that Timothy and Phillip could not eat? What did they eat?





Chapter 11 and 12


1.  How was Phillip able to get around the island?

2.  What did Timothy think about Stew Cat?

3.  What happened to Timothy the morning after he and Phillip talked about voodoo?

4.  What worried Phillip about Timothy’s behavior?

5.  Why did Timothy put the raft in the ocean?

6.  What happened to Timothy?

7.  How did Timothy act? What did he do?

8.  How was Timothy afterward?


Chapter 13 and 14


1.  Why did Timothy teach Phillip how to fish?

2.  What did Phillip use to catch the fish?

3.  What was Timothy too old to do?

4.  How did Phillip get to the reef to fish?

5.  What sounds did the ocean make?

6.  What did Timothy do with the rope and why?

7.  For what purpose did Timothy and Phillip eat a large meal?

8.  What did Phillip say to Timothy that proved he had become a changed person?

9.  How did the ocean look before the storm came?


Chapter 15 and 16


1.  When did the hurricane hit?

2.  Why did Phillip and Timothy have to leave the hut?

3.  How did Timothy protect Phillip for the storm?

4.  How high did the ocean get?

5.  What happened to Timothy during the storm?

6.  What happened to Timothy after the storm?

7.  What did Phillip find to eat?

8.  Why did the bird attack Phillip?



Chapter 17 through 19


1.  What did Phillip want to eat besides the coconuts he found?

2.  How did Phillip catch the lobsters?

3.  How did Phillip get hurt?

4.  Why was Phillip’s fire unable to be detected?

5.  How did Phillip solve this problem with the fire?

6.  On August 20, 1942 what loud sound did Phillip hear?

7.  How did Phillip feel when the second plane passed by without stopping?

8.  What was the only item Phillip wanted form the island? Why?

9.  How would Phillip know it was his island when he returned?

10. How long was Phillip on the island?

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