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STAAR Exams at all campuses May 7th-18th (including Out of School Students needing to test)

If you are Out-of-School and need to take an EOC exam please contact the Assessment Dept. at 512-943-5000. 
Monday, May 7th - STAAR EOC - US History - EVHS, GHS
Tuesday, May 8th - STAAR EOC - Algebra - EVHS, GHS, BMS, FMS, TMS
Wednesday, May 9th - STAAR EOC - Biology - EVHS, GHS
RHS will test all subjects on Tuesday, May 8th, with second subjects (as needed) tested on May 9th.
Makeups completed through May 11th.
May 14th - 3rd-8th math (including 5th and 8th grade retests)
May 15th - 3rd-8th reading (including 5th and 8th grade retests)
May 16th - 5th and 8th science
May 17th - 8th social studies
Makeups completed through May 18th.