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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about JoAnn Ford Elementary School
What do I do if my child will be absent? 
 If your child will be absent, please call the office @ 512-943-5180.  Please send a doctor's excuse note or a written note explaining the absence.  Turn in notes to your classroom teacher or the front office.
What is an excused absence?
Please refer to the GISD Student Handbook for the district policy on excused absences.  Family vacations/trips are not excused absences.
Click here for the Student Handbook
What do I do to check my child out of school for the day?
Please remember that our instructional day is from 7:45-3:15, and we value every minute at school with your child.  Please try and schedule appointments for after school when possible.  If your child needs to leave school during the instructional day, please check them out in the front office.  Students will ONLY be called out of class once a parent has arrived.
Who do I contact with attendance or absence questions?
Lisa Torres is our Ford Registrar.  Please feel free to contact her why any questions.
What volunteer opportunities are available at Ford?
We love our volunteers!  Volunteers must fill out a GISD volunteer background check EACH year prior to volunteering. Parents wishing to volunteer in the classroom should contact the classroom teacher via e-mail.  Library volunteers may contact Mrs. Thiel at  
The PTA provides parents the opportunity to volunteer throughout the school.  Please contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinator, Laurel Morris, for more information.  In addition, a volunteer interest survey is sent home each fall by the PTA.   
Click here to complete a GISD volunteer background check
How do I pick my child up from school?
* If picking your child up personally through walkup, “parent pick-up” we ask that all parents please arrive by 3:15 and wait in our cafeteria for your child to walk in their dismissal lines.  All car-riders are dismissed by grade level and first walk through the cafeteria before being seated in their car-rider lines outside.  Please refrain from waiting for your child on the sidewalks outside, as our students are trying to make their way to their dismissal lines safely.
* For parent pick-up, we ask that you please arrive by 3:15.  All of our students are dismissed from the building by this time and our car-rider line begins.  After students are seated outside to wait for their cars, due to safety and security reasons, parents are not allowed in the student seating area.  If you need to pick your child up after 3:15, a staff member will be available to help and assist you and will be happy to go get your child and bring them to you.
* Once you have personally picked your child up and will be walking back to your car, we ask that you please wait at the crosswalk for our car-rider line to stop and a staff member to direct you across the crosswalk.  We will always have a staff member available to help cross you and your child safely.
* If arriving after 3:15, please remember that the safest and quickest option to pick up your child will be to join the car-ride line.  Our car-rider line is completed each day by 3:30.  Staff members are at each station to help and assist your child into the car.  Please know that parents walking up to personally pick up their child after our car-rider line begins at 3:15 will have to wait for a staff member to assist them in picking up their child.