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Wagner Fall Opening FAQs


Wagner Middle School Fall Opening Frequently Asked Questions


General Overview

What grade levels will Wagner serve?

Wagner Middle School will serve 6th and 7th grade students in the 2017-2018 school year and will serve 6th, 7th and 8th graders beginning the 2018-2019 school year. Students who will be 8th graders in the Fall of 2017 and are zoned to Wagner will remain on the campus that they currently attend.

How long will Wagner students stay at Williams?

Wagner students and staff will move into the new building as soon as construction is complete and the campus is furnished and prepared for students. We are unsure of that exact date at this moment, but our target is to make the transition when we return from Thanksgiving break.

Will Williams be shared with any other students, staff or departments?

No. Only Wagner students and staff will occupy Williams during this time.



Does this impact the hiring of Wagner staff?

While we will not be hiring for the 8th grade core content classes until the following year when 8th graders join the campus, Wagner will be staffed as planned for all 6th & 7th grade core content classes and electives.



Will there be bus transportation to Williams for Wagner students?

Yes. Wagner students will receive transportation to and from Williams each day.

How will athletics students get to Wagner to practice each day? (Note: Wagner athletes will practice and compete at Wagner athletic facilities.)

Wagner athletes will receive district transportation to Wagner’s gyms, locker rooms and football field each day for practices and games.

Will 8th graders that are zoned to Wagner but remaining on their current campus (because Wagner won’t have 8th graders next year) receive district transportation to their middle school?

Yes. We will provide transportation to 8th graders that are zoned to Wagner but attending their current middle school because Wagner won’t house 8th graders in 2017-2018.



Will students’ course requests transfer to Wagner automatically?

Yes. Students’ current campus counselors are inputting each student’s course request for the 2017-2018 school year. Once attendance zones are finalized by the GISD Board of Trustees, the district will assign Wagner students to the Wagner system for scheduling.

Will Wagner offer the same classes as the other GISD middle schools?

Yes. Wagner students will have opportunities to participate in each course -- core and elective -- that the other GISD middle school campuses offer.



Will students be able to play sports in the fall?

Yes. Wagner will host all fall sports in 2017! Go Wolves!

When will 7th grade athletics practice?

All Wagner fall sports will practice after school each day. The 7th grade Athletics period will be scheduled as the last period of the day to allow for transition (we will provide district transportation) to the Wagner campus from Williams for practice or games.

Do 6th grade Pre-Athletics have before or after school practices?

No. 6th grade Pre-Athletics only occurs during the Pre-Athletics period during the school day.


Student Organizations/Clubs

Will cheerleading be offered at Wagner?

Yes. More information about tryouts will be communicated soon.

What clubs will be available to students at Wagner?

All traditional clubs will be offered at Wagner, with additional opportunities for less traditional clubs to be formed based on Wagner students’ interests.


Fine Arts

What fine arts courses will Wagner offer?

Wagner will offer Band, Choir, Orchestra, Visual Arts and Theater Arts.


Special Programs

What special populations will be served at Wagner while they are housed at the Williams campus?

Students receiving services through specialized programs including Special Education and Bilingual/ESL will be served in the Fall of 2017 prior to the move into the new Wagner facility. Parents of students participating in these programs will be given specific information in their child’s LPAC or IEP meetings.



Will students have access to the same technology at Williams as they will at Wagner?

We are committed to excellent instruction for Wagner students while they are housed at Williams and we know this includes student access to resources like technology. We will communicate more specifically about the technology for Wagner Middle School -- both at Williams and at the new Wagner building -- as those decisions are finalized.