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GHS Construction Update

Good afternoon Eagle Families, 

I wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone back to school for Spring 2017.  We hit the ground running though our living space is a little different than when we left.  Please find the details of our construction plans below and attached. 

As previously mentioned we are about to undergo several phases of construction at GHS.  Attached to this email is a document containing the layout, phases, timelines and a brief description of each project to be completed.  We are excited about these projects, as we know the final products will better allow for flexibility, creativity and innovation in the learning environment.  Please know that new campus maps as well as this flier are available in any campus office and that each teacher impacted by Phase 1 has been relocated to an alternate teaching space.  

Thank you again for trusting your child’s well-being and future to us at GHS, we take the responsibility of developing your young people into contributing members of society as a great honor! Have a great week and Happy New Year!