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Spring STAAR testing: Mar. 28 & 30, May 1-3.

STAAR testing will occur on the following dates:

English I (all 9th graders & retesters): Mar. 28

English II (all 10th graders & retesters): Mar. 30

Make-up tests for English I and II: Mar. 31

US History (all 11th graders & retesters): May 1

Algebra I (all students in Algebra I & retesters): May 2

Biology (all students in Biology & retesters): May 3

Make-up tests for US History, Algebra I, and Biology: May 5
Students may bring healthy snacks, water, and a book to read with them into the testing rooms.  Pencils will be provided; however, students may bring their own pencils and highlighters to use. Blankets and pillows are not allowed in the testing rooms. 
Cell phone policy: To meet state-mandated security requirements, cellular phones and other electronic devices including watches like Apples watches, must be left at home or turned off and locked in a school locker/car/etc. (whatever is appropriate) on the days of testing.  Students who forget to leave their phones or other electronic devices at home will be required to turn in their phones or electronic devices before testing begins or risk possible disciplinary action and invalidation of test results.  Students, you have worked too hard to have your test results voided, so leave your phones or other electronic devices at home during testing.  Cameras, i-Pods, Apple-type watches, handheld electronic organizers, and other electronic devices are also prohibited.