New Year, New Blog, New Campus!

Posted by Lindsay Harris on 1/11/2017 8:00:00 AM

It’s always exciting to start a new year and 2017 brings some additional excitement for me as I look forward to the opening of Wagner Middle School! My plan is to use this blog to share information about our school, our staff, and our students.

First thing is first... I’m thrilled to announce that Wagner is officially home of the Wagner Wolves! We gathered some nominations for mascots from the community this last Fall and took some of the favorites to panels of 5th grade students that will be attending Wagner Middle School. The students’ voice was loud and clear -- they selected the wolves! The students also gave us some of their thoughts about just exactly how they’d like that wolf to look, which was “not too scary but not like a cartoon, either.” The GISD Communications team worked hard to help me design some of our logos using our school colors of navy, white and orange. I love it and hope that Wagner students and parents do, too!

Wagner Mascot/Colors

One other noteworthy accomplishment from the Fall’s work is the establishment of the Wagner Leadership Team. I plan to spend more time discussing this dynamic team, but want to begin just by sharing their names and roles with you:

  • Sarah Rosenburg, Principal’s Administrative Assistant
  • Danielle Holloway, Assistant Principal
  • David Hunt, Assistant Principal
  • Tish Ptomey, Counselor
  • JoEllen Goldsberry, Counselor

Wagner Team

Part of the establishment of the WMS Leadership Team was the opportunity to identify some lead teachers that will assist the Leadership Team in making decisions about our campus. (It’s extremely important to me that teachers are represented in the decision-making taking place this Spring and Summer!) These lead teachers are:

  • Catherine Carstens, currently a 5th grade teacher at Cooper
  • Ashley Gaylor, currently a 5th grade teacher at Cooper
  • Rhonda Rucker, currently a 4th grade teacher at Williams
  • TIm Schermbeck, currently an 8th grade teacher at Benold

Wagner Team

I feel confident in this team and am so fortunate to have the leadership and partnership of these fine educators! Wagner students are certainly blessed that these nine individuals have chosen to leave their current positions and join the Wagner team!

Many more exciting decisions are to come in these next few weeks: more hiring, selection of furniture, decision-making about technology … the list goes on and on! You’ll have to check back in to the blog for more in-depth information about our team, updates about our building and insight into the decisions that we are making.

Front of School Building

View of the front of the building from the parking lot -- the gyms and 6th grade house are to the right, the 7th/8th grade STEM house is to left.          Photo taken at Wagner site 01.01.17

Back of School Building

The back of Wagner -- showing gyms and locker room areas. Photo taken 01.06.17

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about what’s happening at Wagner. I can be emailed at or reached by phone at 512.943.1835.


Until Next Time,

Lindsay Harris

Lindsay Harris

Principal, Wagner Middle School